One of the most important tools for any type of business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur is the business card. The business card could quite possibly be the most important personal advertising tool for those trying to grow their business and promote their brand. In addition to the practical purpose a business card can serve, there also exists a personal and branding purpose.

Your card can share your contact information to potential clients, but it also has the potential to communicate a lot about you or your business if well-executed. An effectively designed business card can create a positive public perception of your brand, showcase your creativity and make you stand out from competitors. Especially in this digital age where everybody is bombarded with information online, a physical reminder of your brand in the form of a business card can be more important than ever. And people love getting cool business cards!

However, there is no need to necessarily invest in high printing and paper costs to get a designer business card that looks professional. For small businesses with limited budgets to big brands who want to stand out, business card stamps can create a professional and creative, but cost-effective business card design.


A rubber stamp is perfect if you don’t have much money to spend on printing and yet you need hundreds of cards to promote your business. You can make as many cards as you wish without having to re-order. You can buy your own card stock in varying weights, colors, and sizes to mix it up from time to time as well. An additional benefit is that rubber stamps can be made to almost any size that you want, and some can be used on any material and texture. It is easy to add a personal touch to each individual card that you hand out because the rubber stamp allows for so much versatility. This can add tremendous value to your card. It only takes a couple minutes to stamp a whole pile of business cards.

We were particularly inspired by some of these designs, all unique in their own way, with each card having its own handcrafted quality and individuality:

biz car blog post 3

Created by Kate Monaghan


Created by Sophia Georgopoulou

The options can be limitless when deciding what materials and ink to use on your business card. You don’t necessarily need to use traditional ink or paper. This napkin business card was a really cool unique idea that fit the personality of the brand:

biz card blog post 8

biz card blog post 9

Created by advertising agency, OpusMultipla

We were particularly inspired by the work of copywriter Rafael Pitanguy and art director Marco Martins who were challenged to design a business card for an environmental consultant. Their solution was to use a rubber stamp and “recycle” anything at hand, such as scrap paper, cardboard, napkins and other wastes into business cards. The new business card communicates what the professional offers: clever new ways of recycling, saving money and protecting the environment. It is more than a card. It’s a communication tool. So simple yet so brilliant!

biz card blog post 6

The Ecological Business Card

One creative way to use a rubber stamp when you are on the go is to purchase an inspection stamp. It may not be easy to carry around a rubber stamp and an ink pad, but inspection stamps are small, metal stamps that you can carry around on a key chain.

biz card blog post 5

Created by Mikey Burton

With this stamp, you are able to print your info onto almost any other surface—marketing materials, someone else’s business card, a napkin, or even someone’s hand. Keeping one of these stamps on your key chain gives you a quick way of leaving your website, email address, or logo with potential clients.

biz card blog post 4

Created by Mikey Burton

You can even choose to use inspection stamps or regular sized stamps for other purposes as well for product tags, packaging and any other promotional materials. created a photographer business card that can be repurposed for mailings, product tags, and more.

biz card blog post 2


biz card blog post 1

As you can see, low cost doesn’t mean low quality. The benefits of  rubber-stamped cards are manifold. Business cards like the examples seen here are so valuable because they are attention grabbing, have the designer’s personal mark, and can also be very affordable.

So to make yourself memorable, leave behind the old-fashioned business cards in favor of something a bit more creative. It might be worth that little extra investment when your company stands out from the stack of cards already on everyone’s desk.

For more inspiration on how to use rubber stamps and other custom products to help your business, follow the Pinterest page. We would love to hear your ideas for rubber stamped business cards and more!

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Happy Stamping!