Finding a way to brand a small business is always a balance: trying to keep expenses low, while spending money on the things that matter. Enter rubber stamps!

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Stamps allow you to brand on a budget, and don’t force you do choose frugality over quality or quantity. Traditional rubber stamps are an economical option for any custom stamping need and come with a sturdy wooden handle for comfort and control. Custom rubber stamps are perfect for both business and personal use and are available in a variety of sizes. Stamp everything from business cards, thank you cards & stationery, social inserts, packaging and more.

Business Cards

Stack up the savings by making your own business cards. Include your logo, name, title, contact information or whatever else you desire. With full control over the design, you can create a business card that truly reflects your personality and professional reputation.

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For example, for a creative Etsy shop owner, we’ve constructed black business cards stamped with white ink. One side features the business logo, and the other side features the business owner’s name, number and email. The card is finished with metallic gold ink brushed on the edges to stay consistent with the business’ color theme.

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Thank You Cards & Stationery

A token of appreciation goes a long way, especially for a small business. Create your own custom stationery for handwritten thank you cards, and slip them into each shipment. The customer will love the thought behind it and will be more likely to shop again!

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Social Handle Inserts

Another beneficial item to slip into each shipment is a social handle insert. Create a custom traditional rubber stamp featuring the information for your Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and whatever other social media your small business uses.

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A stamped, professional-looking version of your social handles will give your small business a more trustworthy vibe. Customers can then stay informed on all of the on-goings of your small business. These inserts can only help you gain a following and help you grow!

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Packaging & Tissue Paper

One of the easiest way to brand a small business is by stamping a product’s packaging with your logo. Everything from bags, boxes, tags, tissue paper, envelopes and more are instantly personalized with the impression of a stamp.

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Stylishly close a shipping envelope with some washi tape and your stamped logo. Even a small addition like this can make a huge difference.

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An all-over stamped pattern on plain tissue paper instantly turns a package from drab to fab. Gold ink on black paper adds an extra element of glam.

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Whatever the theme, rubber stamps are a great way to brand a small business. Upload your custom information or artwork to a traditional rubber stamp and get started today!