When your business begins to grow, it is important that you begin thinking about the importance of your company’s appearance. There are a lot of areas that can be covered on a large scale, from creating a new, more user friendly website, to adopting new employee uniforms, or moving to a new location. Often, businesses pay attention to big changes and skip out on smaller ones that can make your office look and feel more professional without draining your company’s budget.

One of the simplest and most cost-effective things that your business can invest in is rubber stamps. These simple office supplies can go a long way in making your business appear larger and more professional to employees, customers and suppliers. There are many other ways that basic and customized rubber stamps from RubberStamps.com can help your business stand out.

Rubber stamps come in nearly every shape, size and design imaginable. Many common phrases that are often used in business such as “Paid” or “Account Receivable” can be found on stock business rubber stamps. These stamps will not only make the job of your accounting department easier, but also put a more professional appearance on invoices, receipts, mailings and other documents. With rubber stamps, documents can be marked off much more quickly and without a lot less of a mess!


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In addition to the standard design of stock rubber stamps, RubberStamps.com can also create custom stamps to fit a wide variety of your business needs. Whether it is a customized picture or a phrase that your business uses on a regular basis, we can provide you with rubber stamps that meet your exact specifications.

Other common examples for custom made rubber stamps are signature stamps and address stamps. By providing us with a copy of your signature or address, we can create a replica onto the face of a stamp, and all of our stamps can be completely customized with unique images as well. This is ideal for business owners and other professionals who are constantly signing off on documents and paperwork and mailing. Using a stamp, you can easily save valuable time each day and increase productivity in the workplace.

Rubber stamps are also a useful way for small businesses to build a brand image and reputation. While larger companies have budgets that allow them to get marketing materials printed with their brand which can be used for promotional purposes, small and start-up companies often do not have the money to be able to do so. Rubber stamps are a great way for small businesses to be able to literally “make their mark” on products and services in order to make a unique impression on their customers.

Small businesses selling hand crafted and unique items specialize in the nature of their products and typically want to stay clear of anything that looks too commercial or generic. Commercially printed literature can not only lose that hand crafted feel but can also be expensive. Stamps are a great, low cost way for niche businesses to be able to project a brand image and develop brand recognition. Many hand crafted products benefit from a label giving tips or aftercare instructions, and a simple stamped impression can help give a professional feel to even a hand written label without looking mass produced.


For any business, simple envelopes can be customized with a stamp and this can be the logo of a company or perhaps the website address. This is also a useful way for sellers on websites such as eBay and Etsy to brand their services. A stamp can be used to customize the packaging and delivery note, or simply on top of a ‘thank you for your business’ note. This is a useful way to help build brand awareness with customers and for them to remember the business name in the future. Even simple black and white business cards can be customized with a logo stamp, a cost effective way of branding for small or start-up businesses.

Rubber stamps with the company website address and logo are a useful item to have to promote a website or web based business. A self inking stamp is easy to carry around and instead of having to write down details for someone or fumble around for a card, the information can be quickly stamped into a note book or other piece of paper, or any other marketing materials. We even offer QR code stamps so you can share a wide variety of information in a single impression, allowing customers to visit your site later, obtain more extensive product information, or link to your social media sites.RSCellPhone

RubberStamps.com allows customers to upload their own designs or choose from a range of standard designs that can be customized. The process for customizing stamps is extremely straightforward and the website walks customers through the process. This is an ideal mid-point and is a cost effective way to create customized products without the cost of a full creative design service.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that as a marking industry company, RubberStamps.com produces and sells many items—printed, visual products—that are specifically designed to help brand companies and add to their professionalism. Are you using our custom-made marking and identification products to create your own identity? You should wear your brand and promote your product!

For example, when attending trade shows and business events, sport a name badge that shows off your brand as well as your company’s manufacturing capabilities. You and your employees can purchase nameplates to make your office look more professional. There are many promotional items that we are capable of producing, from calendar magnets featuring your logo, to custom stationary and even marketing materials. Beyond raising awareness of your own identity, these personal items might just spark a question that leads to business.

The case for rubber stamps has been made, and it is fascinating to see how these little tools can completely help you and your business on a daily basis. Visit RubberStamps.com to explore the many products that can help your business stand out.