As all business owners know, it’s important to set yourself apart from the competition – while still maintaining a level of professionalism and personality. But with promotional and branding costs adding up quickly, how do you accomplish such a feat without getting cleaned out?

The Boiling Shrimp, a Georgian seafood restaurant, has the secret: rubber stamps.

The secret to branding on a budget | The Boiling Shrimp


The restaurant’s mission is to redefine what is known in the south as a “low country boil,” or seafood boil, by combining seasonings from all over the world for a unique dining experience.

When you order a boil here, you can choose from a variety of delicious flavors, including Cajun, garlic, lemon pepper, hot chili pepper or The Whole 9 Yards (all of them mixed together!). These flavor options, and the presentation of the boils in a bag, are what set this low country boil apart from the rest.

Looking to continue this individuality into their branding, and find a more official method to embellish outgoing mail and gift card envelopes, The Boiling Shrimp decided to order a custom RE:MARKS address stamp that featured a simple, yet eye-catching, design. They were able to incorporate their logo and address without taking up too much room – perfect when working with limited space.

Branding your small business on a budget | The Boiling Shrimp

The result is a modern, one-of-a-kind look that’s cost-effective and sure to impress.

Branding on a budget with custom rubber stamps | The Boiling Shrimp


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