Labor Day is officially over, and school is now in session, so there’s no better time for back-to-school crafts! These easy stamped DIY bookmarks can help any student, young or old, get excited to learn again.

Using your favorite rubber stamps (like our new bookmark designs!) and markers for color, you can create one-of-a-kind, stylish place holders for all those page turners.



  1. Stamp the cardstock paper with the rubber stamp of your choice using dye ink. Dye ink tends not to bleed as much as pigment when coloring in the design.
  2. Color in your stamped impression. Copic sketch markers are ideal for crisp, bright colors and easy blending.
  3. Cut out the design to your preferred size.
  4. Laminating your bookmark is the best way to make it last. Scotch creates self-sealing rolls and sheets that allow you to laminate with having to buy an expensive machine. Feel free to laminate one or both sides, depending on your preference!
  5. Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark with a paper punch.
  6. Add a tassel to the hole. Don’t have tassels or don’t want to spend money on buying some? Make your own with craft floss using this tutorial.