We all know the phrase. Dog is man’s best friend. We love our dogs, even though sometimes they can eat weird things, chew on our shoes (or anything in the house for that matter), dig holes in the yard, and occasionally run rampant around the living room in circles for the fun of it.dog

We can forgive some of this behavior – nothing can beat our furry friends’ loyalty and companionship. But I suppose they aren’t the most productive friends of ours…and they certainly don’t hold as much value for us in the work place. So we would like to introduce you to your new non-canine best friend – the return address stamp!

Okay, so it doesn’t sound quite as cute and cuddly as man’s true best friend, but address stamps are just as loyal of companions if you are mailing often from work or home.

Why should I adopt an address stamp?

It is the perfect alternative to address labels. Labels come on a roll and to use them you need to peel the label from the plastic backing and stick them into the upper left hand corner of an envelope. They run out, they have a tendency to look cheap, the chances you get the same design twice are small, and peeling sticker after sticker can be a hassle.

The address stamp changes everything and is ten times more convenient. They are far less time consuming, non messy, easy to use with no annoying backings to peel off or rip, and most importantly, they are loyal friends (they last a long time). Not to mention, an address stamp cuts out the waste produced by similar address labels and stickers. For those who do a lot of mailing from work or from home, it is easy to see the benefits of having an address stamp by your side and ready to use.


They come in all shapes and sizes!

With customizable address stamps, you don’t need to settle on a predetermined image from a stock library for your impression. Although we have many designs to choose from, we can take your unique design and make the perfect rubber stamp for your home or business. Both the lines and the image are customizable, and they can come in multiple sizes and ink colors. Personal self inking stampers and embossers are ideal to use on envelopes, stationery, books, greeting cards, invitations, napkins and more and make excellent gifts.


They are unique!

Address stamps are making a comeback, and your friends and clients will love them. They’re different, and add a unique touch to your outgoing mail. In today’s digital world we are very used to communicating via email, Facebook, text message, or Instagram, but there is something special about receiving an actual card or letter in the mail from someone you know. It’s also a cool way for an entire family or business to be represented on a card as opposed to just one or two members, and the look of the address stamp on an envelope compared to an address label makes it even more special.

So don’t give up on your dog. Continue playing fetch, walking in the park, and cuddling up under the blanket with your favorite pup. But we suggest adopting the address stamp as your new non-canine best friend to make your life a lot easier – and hey, they won’t bite or bark! Check out RubberStamps.com’s variety of designer address stamp options or create your own custom stamp today.