We don’t know if you heard, but we now offer stamps as big as your face! And with a big stamp comes big possibilities – whether it’s promoting your business, crafting or making life more convenient.

Stamps are especially cost effective for small businesses – to get their name out in the market and to brand their materials without having to pay for expensive printing.

Large stamps for branding on packaging

RubberStamps.com allows you to personalize wood-mounted stamps as large as 4” x 8” , which leaves plenty of room to fit a large custom image and/or logo, or several lines of custom text.

Big stamp, big possibilities

Here’s an example of a great promotional idea: a recipe stamped on the packaging of produce sold at the farmer’s market. Not only do customers see your business’ name, but they’ll remember you every time they make a delicious rhubarb pie. Talk about a lasting impression!

Farmer's Market branding with stamps

Branding with stamps -- stamping a recipe on farmer's market product packaging

Brand promotion with stamps

If big isn’t your thing, our art mounted stamps come in a variety of sizes, the littlest as small as 3/4” x 3/4″. Perfect for when you have limited space, but still want to add something special.