There are so many types of rubber stamps available today, and each type serves a different function. From traditional stamps used for crafting and scrapbooking, to self-inking return address stamps, to pre-inked office stamps, you can find a stamp to perform any job you need done. However, it isn’t just the type of stamp that comes in so many varieties; equally important to the type of stamp you use is the ink you use to make the impression.

The Misconception of “Industrial”

Many people think industrial stamps are used for strictly industrial purposes, as the name implies. However, the characteristic of industrial stamps that makes them a great tool for industrial settings is actually the ink they use. Although industrial ink is perfect for marking all of your metal or plastic tools because it stands up against the weather and dries quickly, you don’t have to work in a factory to take advantage of its benefits.

The Many Uses of Industrial Ink | Industrial ink is perfect for marking all of your metal or plastic tools. It stands up against the weather and dries quickly.

Industrial ink is unique because, unlike traditional rubber stamp ink, it can be used on many different types of surfaces and handle more intense environments. Most rubber stamp inks can only stamp on surfaces that are porous by nature, but industrial inks have the ability to leave lasting impressions on non-porous surfaces including plastics, metals, glass, glossy paper, ceramics, laminated paper, food packaging and more.

Multi-Purpose Marking Abilities

If you thought twice about using stamps on irregular paper or special surfaces, think again. With the right ink, you can stamp on virtually any surface. For instance, you can use industrial ink to mark the insides of electrical equipment. A construction site could also brand their tools on-site with industrial ink since it’s water and heat resistant and able to handle intense weather conditions. We’ve also heard how handy industrial stamps can be for Avon and Mary Kay consultants who stamp hundreds of catalogs with glossy surfaces — much faster than handwriting them all!

Photograph rubber stamps | Industrial stamps are great for glossy surfaces, like the back of this photograph. The ink dries fast and won't ruin your photo.

Before industrial style ink was readily available, if someone desired a crisp rubber stamp image to be placed on a photograph, even the most patient person would find the wait time too long. Marking industrial inks, such as Aero Mark II brand ink, dries in 10-15 seconds, so photographers who choose to copyright the front or back of photographs using a stamp can develop and package smudge-proof photos in no time. Even more cost effective is the opportunity to use the stamps for your photo packaging as well. This is a great idea for freelance photographers who mail photo sets to their clients.

Custom packaging brings your business to the next level while also proven to be cost effective.

The Many Uses of Industrial Ink

Labeler Extraordinaire

Some industrial inks are even USDA-approved for food packaging. Many industrial inks are used by large manufacturing companies in order to meet the health and safety guidelines pertained to the products they sell. However, if you own a small business that sells food or beverage products, industrial food-safe ink would come in handy for you. You can even find a food-safe industrial ink that won’t bleed for products that will be taken in and out of a freezer, like meats and poultry or frozen dairy. The versatility of the stamp allows you to safely make an impression on all of your food packaging pieces, from tags, to labels, and even on the food itself.

The Many Uses of Industrial Ink

We thought it would be fun to experiment with food safe ink and create packaging for a local food source. Our Heritage Farm products and packaging work well together because the stamps are not only safe for food packaging, they help maintain a home-made, locally sourced aesthetic with the use of its kraft paper labels and rubber stamp details.

The Many Uses of Industrial Ink

As you can see, the ink you use can make a big difference when you need to make the right impression. Industrial ink can come in handy because it stamps on non-porous surfaces, is fast drying, and, for the most part, is water and heat resistant. Feel free to ask us any questions about industrial stamps and ink pads. We want to make sure you choose the right ink for your next project or endeavor!