Using a Re:Marks Personalized Designer Address Stamp is a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to all of your correspondence. Re:Marks allows you to create countless different impressions with the same mount due to its interchangeable die plate feature. With Re:Marks, you can choose among our many designs available or decide to upload your own artwork using our custom design software to make a truly custom rubber stamp.

The ability to customize and upload your own artwork is what makes our design software so unique. There are so many options available with this feature that you can make a unique plate for all of your stamping needs, whether for fun or professional use.

With our collection of customizable templates available, you can easily upload your own images and change the text around your image to create the perfect stamp for you. Not only can you create custom address stamps using our templates, our software allows you to use your creativity with the option to upload your own images to make personalized stamps of all types.

The Re:Marks customization abilities not only makes creating your own stamps fun, it can even bring value to your business. You can create unique business stamps for all of your professional correspondence by uploading your business’s logo. You can even create your own business card stamp by uploading your own image and adding your personal contact information.  While you could invest in multi color logo and business card design, it can get costly. When you think of all the places your logo could appear, an inexpensive and long-lasting solution is to use Re:Marks, allowing your company the flexibility of placing your easily recognizable brand almost anywhere.

Ever wanted a stamp with your face on it? How about one of your best friend or favorite pet? With Re:Marks customization software, almost any photo you have can be turned into a stamp.

The process of uploading your own artwork is super simple. However, there are a few things to consider when uploading your artwork if you don’t have a program such as Photoshop to better filter or edit your image before uploading it to our customization page:

1. Our custom design software is only compatible with images saved in RGB color mode, the industry default for DSLR cameras, not CMYK. Make sure you choose an image that is saved in RGB color mode. If you are unsure what mode your picture is in, right click on the image and view the file properties. If you would like to convert a CYMK file into an RGB file, use this free online conversion tool.

2. Choose a picture with lots of contrast. Good overall contrast will help add detail to your photo and keep small details from getting lost when turned into a black and white image. The shape of the defining image in your upload will be more realistic if you have a greater contrast  in the details of the foreground image and between the background and foreground of your image.

The small difference in contrast between the turtle and the background make it hard to decipher this image once uploaded.
The strong contrast in this picture brings out the shape of the deer very clearly once uploaded.

3. Choose an image with little background or one that is light in color. This will help the foreground image stand out.

The large background in this picture makes it hard to determine what the image is once black and white.
The puppy’s face stands out and has detail because there is little background in this picture.

4. Simple images will work better than busier images.

This picture doesn’t translate well into black and white because it is so busy. The details and shapes are hard to see to the point where the stamp just looks like random blots.
The simplicity of this design allows you to see all the details clearly even after uploaded to the customization software.

5. Consider the size of your photo. Larger images work better than smaller ones. Our software suggests uploading images that are at least 950 x 950 pixels. However, make sure your image isn’t super large as it will take too long to load and time out.

Once you find a picture that you feel will translate well into a stamp, uploading your artwork and customizing your stamp is super easy:

Step 1:

Enter your 8 digit code on our Re:Marks redemption site.




Step 2:

Click on the “Custom” box on the left side panel.


Step 3:

Choose to either upload your own complete design or click on one of our address stamp templates to customize it to your liking. Click “Customize” to start the customization process.

Step 4:

If using a template, simply type in your personal information to change the text. To upload your own artwork, click “Change image”.

Step 5:

Click on “Choose File” and select the image from your computer that you would like to use in your design.



Step 6:

You’re image has now uploaded in black and white. Experiment with the size or positioning of your image using the red dots.



Step 7:

When satisfied with the look of your stamp, click “Next”. You will be directed to the confirmation page to complete your order.


As you can see, even if you do not have Photoshop or other expensive editing tools, you can still find a picture that will upload and translate nicely into a rubber stamp image. Feel free to comment below with any questions regarding the uploading of digital files.

Re:Marks can be found on Amazon. Get yours today and add that extra something special to all of your correspondence this year. Happy Stamping!