The start of a new school year can be stressful for teachers and parents alike. Having a stamp set at school or home helps you quickly and easily grade papers, praise performance and provide direction in a more convenient manner!

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Our new line of teacher stamp sets come in a variety of design combinations so that you can find just the right set for your needs. The laser-engraved, wood-mounted stamps provide a chic look, while the plastic case offers easy storage and transportation.

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This set features a “Great Job!” apple, “Super!,” “100%,” “Keep Up The Good Work” apple circle and “Extra Credit” shooting star.

teacher stamp set 1

Set number two features the letter grades of “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” “F,” along with “Check Spelling,” “Proofread,” “Check Punctuation” and “Check Grammar.”

teacher stamp set 2

The third set has a “Complete Homework!” house, “Name?” quote bubble, “Hall Pass” banner, “Show Work!,” “Incomplete” cross out and “Please Sign & Return” pencil line.

teacher stamp set 3

The fourth set offers a “This Book Belongs To” banner, “Who? No Name!” owl, apple and “On The Right Path!” paper airplane.

teacher stamp set 4

The fifth set get super social with hastags of “#proudteacher,” “#excellent,” “#hardworker” and “#keeptrying,” plus a thumbs up like.

teacher stamp set 5

This sixth set features a “Super Star,” “Purr-fect” cat, “Brilliant!” light bulb, cut apple, “Spot On” ladybug, A+ paper, “Out Of This World” planet and “Big Improvement” elephant.

teacher stamp set 6

The seventh and final set has the “Keep Up The Good Work” apple circle, “Dino-Mite!” dinosaur, “Late Paper” clock, “Purr-fect” cat, “Spot On!” ladybug, “Neat Work” pen, “Brilliant” light bulb, “Out Of This World” planet and “Big Improvement” elephant.

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Enter below to win a set of your own today – or, if not for yourself, the perfect gift for your child’s teacher on the first day of school!

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