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TAPA (Kaendl): Handmade Candles From Start to Finish

TAPA (Kaendl) pours love into each and every candle they produce. From the supplies to the packaging, the Brooklyn-based company believes in quality products that reach beyond the confines of their studio. With top-notch production and resourcefulness on the mind, TAPA makes their candles in small batches with 100% soy wax and essential and natural [...]

Stamped Stuff: Poler Stuff’s Unique Branding Technique

Poler Stuff is the adventurer’s shopping paradise. The store offers sleeping bags, tents, bags, accessories and everything in between. Their vibe is laidback and the design is colorful and quality-driven. With a new location opening up in Laguna Beach, the store needed a unique way to brand their shopping bags. Somebody mentioned stamps, and the rest [...]

J. Stark Home & the Stamps That Help Shape Their Brand

Formatical knows how to get a brand’s products in the hands of retailers. Its top hitters are an assemblage of gift, home and accessory good collections – including Rewined candles, Produce candles, Lulie Wallace and ROAM by 42 Pressed. Formatical’s newest brand representation, J. Stark Home, is one that needs to be noticed – and they are doing [...]

Guest Blogger Mollie Boone talks The Prints and the Pea

Hi! My name is Mollie from The Prints and the Pea and I create watercolor paintings and prints for nurseries and children’s rooms. I especially love creating whimsical, embellished watercolors with various textures (gold leaf and gemstones being among my favorite!) Many of my pieces are enhanced with these elements which give them a unique, [...]

Sequins and Lace Design: Etsy Gone Right

Every so often there’s an Etsy shop that really catches our eye in terms of quality products and top-notch branding; Sequins and Lace Design has done just that – while using our rubber stamps, nonetheless! Megen DiSanto began Sequins and Lace as a way to cure her “separation anxiety post-wedding when [she] realized [she] did [...]