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Staying Organized with a Planner Stamp Set

We’ve been trying really hard to keep up with our New Year’s resolutions this year, but we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t difficult. However, there is ONE resolution that has just become a little more manageable: staying organized with our planner stamp set! Planner stamps can help you keep track of appointments, social [...]

Embossed “Puppy Love” Valentine’s Day Treats

There’s always a fine line between wanting to try our hand at DIY valentines, and not wanting them to look amateur. But we have a secret weapon in our back pocket: embossing! It transforms a stamped impression into a professional-looking print in an instant, but still has the thoughtfulness (and cheaper price!) of a handmade [...]

8 Occasions to Give a Re:Marks Stamp Gift Box

Re:Marks designer stamps are ideal presents for almost any occasion! offers two different gift box options depending on your preference, and the redemption code process lets the recipient choose whatever stamp design they desire. The regular gift box features a RE:MARKS self-inking mount with interchangeable die plate functionality, a “Thank You!” stamp die plate, a [...]