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8 Occasions to Give a Re:Marks Stamp Gift Box

Re:Marks designer stamps are ideal presents for almost any occasion! offers two different gift box options depending on your preference, and the redemption code process lets the recipient choose whatever stamp design they desire. The regular gift box features a RE:MARKS self-inking mount with interchangeable die plate functionality, a “Thank You!” stamp die plate, a [...]

Pom Pom Stamped Holiday Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Christmas presents is one of our favorite things about the holidays. The more beautiful and interesting the gift, the better! So that’s why we decided to take our DIY packaging to the next level this year: 3D pom pom stamped holiday wrapping paper! Supplies Christmas Tree Stamp Reindeer 2 Stamp Colorbox pigment ink Pom [...]

DIY Glitter Stamped Wood Ornaments

We’re always looking for new ways to use stamps, especially when we’re feeling crafty around the holidays. After enhancing cards and envelopes, we decided to use our stamps to create one-of-a-kind stamped wood ornaments to cherish year after year! Ordering a stamp online with is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Sort through our wide selection [...]

Stamps the “Natural” Choice for Bohemian Shepherdess

The Bohemian Shepherdess is a natural skincare company specializing in creating small-batch body care products. Many of the products feature plants grown on the family’s sustainable micro farm (Myers Family Micro Farm), as well as honey from their hives and milk from their dairy goats. Owner Mindy Myers started the small business after searching for [...]

The Nostalgic Confections of Mollycoddled Hash Slinger

There’s something about sinking your teeth into a sweet treat that takes you back to your childhood. Mollycoddled Hash Slinger, an artisan sugar confections company, takes that feeling to the next level by bringing cherished, classic desserts — and their old-school recipes — back into the spotlight. And just like in the past, the company [...]