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3 Must-Have Stamps for Thanksgiving

With our favorite food-orientated holiday just around the corner, we’ve created three must-have stamps for Thanksgiving to help you prepare. Our Market Shopping List, Recipe, and Recipe Card stamps make purchasing and preparing food a bit smoother, so when the big day comes around, everything is there and ready. Market List Buying new, printed shopping lists [...]

Q&A with Lincoln Letter Co. Founder Tessa Shanklin

One of our major Etsy crushes right now is the drool-worthy calligraphy of Lincoln Letter Co. We were so elated to find out that founder Tessa Shanklin was incorporating our rubber stamps into her small business branding methods that we just had to learn more! Can you tell readers a little more about Lincoln Letter Co.? Lincoln Letter Co. specializes in [...]

Customized Halloween Candy Favors

We jump at any chance we get to incorporate treats into a DIY project, and Halloween is the perfect excuse! These tasty Halloween candy favors come with a colorful gift tag featuring an impression of one of our festive custom stamps. For these personalized tags, we used our custom “Witching You A Happy Halloween” stamp, custom “A Spooky Treat Just For You” [...]

How to Craft the Perfect Happy Mail Care Package

We love sending fun gifts and letters to faraway friends, and there’s nothing better than getting some snail mail yourself. So why not give a gift that does both? We’ve created the ultimate present for the stationery lover: a happy mail care package! Your long-distance buddy will be stocked up on supplies to stay in contact [...]