Chicken egg rubber stamps are a great solution for labeling, branding, personalizing and organizing the eggs from your backyard chicken coop! From small sizes to stamp directly onto the eggs, to larger sizes for egg cartons, tags and stickers, chicken egg rubber stamps are inexpensive and quick customization tools.

Not a homesteader, but know one? A chicken egg stamper makes a thoughtful and personal gift, perfect for housewarmings, birthdays, holidays and more.

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Here’s a look at five different chicken egg rubber stamps to use after your next trip to the coop.

1. Farm Fresh Chicken

Stamp on your chickens’ eggs so you and any customers know exactly where each one came from. This Farm Fresh Chicken stamp is a perfect labeler! Concerned about allergies from rubber or ink? Use food-safe ink or stamp on a sticker first, and then put the sticker on the egg.

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2. Hand Gathered By Chicken

This Hand Gathered By stamp is ideal for making tags to attach to your egg cartons. Include some checkered ribbon to add an extra country vibe!

chicken 22

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chicken 20

3. Fresh Eggs Custom Coop

Brand all the egg cartons for your collection with this custom Fresh Eggs rubber stamp. By stamping directly on a not-so-perfectly-smooth carton, the stamp adds a distressed, rustic look.

chicken 11

chicken 38

chicken 13

4. Just Laid Chicken

This Just Laid Chicken stamp totally cracks us up (heh). A good alternative to stamping directly on the carton (like above) is to first stamp on a sticker. It solves any problems you might have with an extra bumpy stamping surface.

chicken 26

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5. Fresh Eggs From The Chicken Coop Of

Another excellent choice for a tag, sticker or carton is this Fresh Eggs Chicken stamp. Design tip: Adding some oversized ribbon or lace always makes everything a bit softer!

chicken 14

chicken 31

chicken 17

Take a look at some egg stamping in action in our video above, and start organizing your coop’s harvest today!

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