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Customized Halloween Candy Favors

We jump at any chance we get to incorporate treats into a DIY project, and Halloween is the perfect excuse! These tasty Halloween candy favors come with a colorful gift tag featuring an impression of one of our festive custom stamps. For these personalized tags, we used our custom “Witching You A Happy Halloween” stamp, custom “A Spooky Treat Just For You” [...]

How to Craft the Perfect Happy Mail Care Package

We love sending fun gifts and letters to faraway friends, and there’s nothing better than getting some snail mail yourself. So why not give a gift that does both? We’ve created the ultimate present for the stationery lover: a happy mail care package! Your long-distance buddy will be stocked up on supplies to stay in contact [...]

10 Ways to Use PEGZ by ExcelMark

One of the stamp world’s best kept secrets is PEGZ by ExcelMark. PEGZ are these versatile little stamps that click together to form words and phrases. There are hundreds of different letter stamps out there, but rather than trying to rubber band them together or risk that your impressions look like they’ve been made by a 4-year-old, PEGZ are [...]

5 DIY Projects for a Baby-Q

There’s something about good food and celebration that are the perfect match. And what better way to celebrate the birth of a child than by having a food-themed party? And barbecue nonetheless. A baby-Q is the perfect solution for a laid-back, co-ed shower. Here are five simple DIY projects for a charming, farm-themed shindig. 1. Invites To [...]

Preparing a Graphic to Make into a Custom Stamp

If you’re interested in uploading graphics to create a custom stamp, the image will need a few tweaks before it works. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own in Microsoft Paint! First, we’ll go through an example of a good conversion that will make a crisp stamp impression. Converting Your File to [...]