Although it’s hard to believe, 2014 has come to an end and 2015 is finally here. Many of us are busy thinking about New Year’s resolutions and struggling to figure out how we are going to achieve our goals. Amidst all the planning for the upcoming year, you should remember that now is the perfect time to assess your stock of office supplies. Having all the supplies you need will be important so that it will be easier to achieve your personal and professional goals in 2015.

There are many office supplies that may need upgrading this year. Date stamps are a great example. Daters are usually good for a number of years, but eventually the time comes when they need to be swapped out for a new one. has an extensive selection of dater stamps, including stamps from ExcelMarkTrodat, and Xstamper. You can design your own personalized dater stamp online. Our custom rubber stamp designer tool helps you design your own stamps and gives you the satisfaction of having made your own dater stamp to suit your stamping needs. And right now through the end of January, daters are 20% off on our website.

The beginning of the year might be a great time to rethink your address stamp, or get one if you don’t have one already. If your office has moved locations or your family has moved to a new home this year, you may have forgotten to update your address stamp. With a custom return address stamp you’ll never have to hand write your address again. You can finally begin saving time, and stop worrying about whether or not the mailperson can read your handwriting. A custom return address stamp makes your address as clear as day. has dozens of unique address stamp templates to choose from. All self-inking models have a clear base to ensure that your stamp properly aligns how you want it. Custom return address stamps are convenient, cost-effective, cheaper and greener than labels and have a variety of uses. Address stamps are a perfect way to spruce up your daily correspondence, whether personal and professional. And guess what? Custom address stamps are also 20% off on our website now until the end of the month!

If you resolve to stand out from the crowd this year, then you may want to try one of our newest products, Re:Marks. Re:Marks is a personalized designer address stamp with an interchangeable die plate, which means you only need one mount to create dozens of unique designs. You can customize your own stamp designs to create the perfect piece of correspondence every time. And of course, Re:Marks is now available for a limited time at a discounted price on

As you can see, there are many things to consider in the beginning of the year. Whether you resolve to go green, stay organized, save money, write more handwritten letters, or simply spruce up your daily and seasonal correspondence, rubber stamps can help you achieve all of your 2015 resolutions! Happy Stamping!